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Astrid Krag- Olsen

As a child growing up in Zambia, Astrid’s world was a kaleidoscope of inquisitiveness and exploration. Many of these elements come through in her many-layered paintings, reflecting an awareness of social issues, delving into the psyche and the nuances of life in all its facets. As a tiny tot, barefoot and wild amongst a family of creatives she drew spiders and insects on everything, connecting them with lines from one to the other.

On moving the furniture, her parents were astonished to find immense amounts of insect graffiti carefully hidden from sight. She was smitten from the beginning. Her love of color and light and the dance between them was thoroughly explored during a long career in photography where her pictures were exhibited in galleries across the globe and commissions published in magazines and books (including her own). Life for Astrid has always been a visual canvas of discovery and texture.

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