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Emmanuel Chibaye

Emmanuel Chibaye is an emerging artist in Zambia who is currently studying an Art degree at Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka. Emmanuel was born on the 17th October, 1989, in Ndola, Zambia’s copperbelt region. Emmanuel has always been interested in creating art, and drew a lot as a young boy with pencils and crayons. Emmanuel  studied art in high school, where he received a distinction in his final examinations. In 2006 he exhibited a mosaic piece with the Ndola Museum. Chiyesu Danny, graphic designer and painter, has mentored Emmanuel from a young age.


As such, his style has developed into a combination of very stylised forms; one might even say to the point of being ‘Dali-esque.’ Emmanuel has taken part in numerous competitions in Zambia, where he has either been a nominee or winner; his first exhibition with The stART Foundation was in May 2013, and many of his works not form part of our Ongoing Exhibition.

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