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Through 37d Gallery, stART provides a dynamic and sustainable showcase for emerging and established artists to exhibit and sell selected artworks to

an ever-growing local and international market.


Income generated from gallery commissions along with donations funds our children outreach program in Mfuwe. Our exhibiting artists also educators and mentor our children's workshops, giving our budding artists well-rounded creative and cultural experiences.

Art is the universal language all human beings understand. Our vision is to offer the underprivileged an inclusive and accessible arts program.


The stART Foundation cultivates creative thinking and provides education for disadvantaged children in Zambia.

The power of imagination is boundless and harnessing that creativity and enjoyment in arts, raises children into confident and successful young adults.


We reach out to all children in disadvantaged communities where arts education is most needed and would not exist without the resources and support we provide.

Scholarship Program




Money raised by 37d Gallery funds the artists and our children's programs.


100% of sales of our children's artworks go back to the children who help their families.

The 25% commission from the sales of artworks at 37d Gallery funds the emerging artist programs, and our children's workshops and helps educate our stART children in Mfuwe. The foundation gives loans towards national and international artist residencies for emerging and established artists in Zambia.

The SSP merit-based scholarship program is designed to provide university education to high-achieving and motivated Zambians who are part of the stART's extended family network.

Scholarship students are expected to perform at a very high academic level. The SSP provides scholarship students total tuition fees, educational supplies, and support.


StART Sportsclub


In March of 2022, a volunteer doctor and her husband from the Kakumbi rural health clinic in Mfuwe, came across the plight of the StART Art Football team and we excited to take the team to the next level. This young football team was put together by the children of The stArt Foundation Trust, a charity that funds art and education for disadvantaged children in Zambia. With no kit and even. This local team started when the foundation sent footballs for the children as an extra activity during their down time.


No shoes, the children comprised a team of their best players and decided to enter a local league. Much to their delight, they won the first few games and decided to enter the local league but hit their first hurdle; they needed a kit. Not to be deterred by this obstacle, they put their art skills to work and painted the stART logo on fabric and sewed it onto their t-shirts. They proceeded to win every game in their league and caught the attention of the youth sports minister and were invited to become a member of the Youth Football Association of Zambia. Being a fully fledged team means they needed to travel to neighbouring towns for matches and this attracted larger sums of money. With budget constraints, this talented young team were faced with the sad possibility of withdrawing from the league. 




We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in getting involved and ideally who can commit to some long-term financial support for the Club. Our story has attracted the help of our friends at Project Luangwa who have very kindly offered to accept larger donations on behalf of stArt Art Sports Club.


Project Luangwa is a Registered UK Charity with Gift Aid status, therefore any donations made through them will be as tax efficient as possible. They are also partnered with ‘Generosity in Action in the USA if you wish to make a donation from America.


Project Luangwa do amazing work around the Luangwa Valley helping children into education, building schools, sponsoring facilities for Further Education in addition to many projects they aid around the valley. Check out their website to see the wonderful stuff they do.

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