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Lazarina Matuta

Lazarina is a self-taught female artist and a graduate of Business School. She has been a part of a group of young fine and contemporary artists, The Artist’s Collective, who are taking a different approach to improving the Zambian art market. So far, she has exhibited in galleries, museums, and other spaces, including mural work for organizations such as Oxfam and Vodafone.

Artist Statment

I am fascinated by the African culture. I grew up in a modern community where everything I was taught was a little more western. As I build and explore as an artist, I intend to learn more about my roots and bring them to life on canvas.

My work explores the relationship between traditional African culture and modern art. With influences as diverse as Ikire Jones and Peju Alatise, new insights are synthesised from both renaissance times and more recent glimpses from our era. A self-taught artist, I have learnt to pick inspiration from many places, working constantly with acrylic paint and other mediums such as chitenge fabric and shredded burnt canvas. The freedom that comes with expression is incomparable.

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