The Opening by Start Foundation Trust

In October 2018 we opened the doors of our new Gallery. The opening exhibition showcased a variety of all artists we house at 37d. It was a wonderful turn out on the night and we would like to thank those who have continuously supported us throughout the years with our Children's stART Foundation and supporting the Zambian and international artists. 

Thank you to Trustees of the stART Foundation, who have all dedicated and volunteered their time for this wonderful cause. We would also like to thank those who volunteered on the evening to help make it a success, the sticker girls and the Jagoda girls. Including Talitha Ullrich for capturing the evening with her wonderful photography and providing all the photos you see below. The catering was deliciously provided again by The Deli, Romi Isaacs, and Venatio waiters were on hand for the evening. 

It was a spectacular evening filled with so many familiar faces and new ones, and we hope to see this new gallery take off.