The Litter Elephant / by Start Foundation Trust

The START children in Mfuwe have completed the refurbishing of our Litter Elephant. 

Our litter elephant is a four meter high three meter wide elephant made out of chicken wire, reinforcement steel and recycled materials.

The Elephant which was first constructed by the children in 2013, on the theme of recycling and conservation, was brought to life under the instruction of  artist Pam Guhrs-Carr. The children turned up for the restoration workshop with their “litter loot” of cans, plastic bottles, containers and bottle tops.

It was impressive to see the older students mentoring the younger ones and guiding them in their tasks appropriate to their abilities.

There were the can smashers, the twine (un)winders, the bottle top sifters, the ladder holders, all working away in perfect harmony.

Pam Carr with the help of Godfrey Bishedi, run creative workshops for the children aged 8 to 17. They are all local residents from the Kakumbi Chiefdom and are either single of double orphans.

The refurbished elephant can now be found at its new home outside our Mfuwe art studio.