Mfuwe Art Studio / by Start Foundation Trust

The START Foundation has completed building a new art studio for our Mfuwe branch which hosts 110 START children. 

The art studio is easily accessible from the airport road in Mfuwe and will be a secondary platform away from Lusaka for the stART children to showcase their artworks. The children’s workshops are an opportunity for the youth to take part in exploring their creativity, whilst inspiring their self-confidence and encouraging their ideas. 

It aims to provide a functioning area for these children to hold their workshops and create art. With a roof to protect them from the rains, a storeroom to hold their materials, power points for electricity and walls to hang their artworks on, it has given the children a proper place to hold their art workshops and display their pieces proudly upon their completion.

The funds raised for this new build were gathered by 37D Gallery in Lusaka. The sales of professional artists artwork's generates 25% of the proceeds from the sales to go to The Start Foundation. This funding has allowed numerous children’s workshops over the years, alongside supplying art materials, food & drinks for the children throughout the weekends and now the building of this whole new art studio for the Mfuwe branch.

In addition to this, 100% of the sales from the children’s artworks created during these workshops go back to the children to aid their school needs and equipment.

We are excited for the future and the way in which our new studio will further The START Foundation’s continued effort to cultivate creative thinking and help educate the disadvantaged children in Mfuwe.

A fundamental lack of confidence can hold young people back, so by instilling this confidence in them through these workshops, it can allow them to feel empowered and go forwards to succeed in other areas of academia and everyday life.   

Do stop by and say hello if you are in the Luangwa valley, you will find the children's latest project of the Litter Elephant standing proudly at the front of the art studio.