Make A Mark Exhibition / by Start Foundation Trust

On Saturday 14th December the Make a Mark Exhibition took place, the first showcase in the new gallery. 

Isaac Kalambata / Jamil Cimino Phiri  /  Lazarina Matuta  /  Mwaba Chandia / Mwamba Chikwemba  /  Sana Ginwalla  /  Sebastian Moronell / Kirby Ngwenya / Aaron S Mulenga / Harry Vlachos

The exhibition consisted of a group of talented young upcoming artists who were to make their mark on the Zambian art scene. They exhibited their works at the gallery in our continued mission to support emerging artists. Most of the young artists are university students or graduates of fine arts.

It was a wonderful turnout on the opening Saturday, with many visitors coming to support and see the artworks. There showcase included a range of artworks, from photography, to prints, to mixed media, canvas paintings and sculpture. It encompassed all forms of art these artists are currently exploring. This opportunity further allowed the artists the chance to put forwards their biography's, theories and artist statements to introduce and express them and their art to the gallery's visitors. It was a wonderful experience to see the rising talent here in Zambia. The exhibition ran for a further 3 weeks and into the new year of 2019.

We look forward to seeing what these promising young artists will have in store for the future, this is only the start of their careers here at 37d Gallery. A wonderful event with a wonderful collection of innovative artwork and artists.

Well done