31 Jul 2014

Updates about Outreach Projects from Mfuwe

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Here are a few verbatim updates from Pam Guhrs-Carr, head of stART’s outreach projects in Mfuwe, about our group of kids from the Workshops:


  • Donation of stART Football (made by Alive and Kicking, Zambia and donated to stART by Cilla Frost-d’Elbee)

“The results of Cilla’s football donation – Phase 2 of the Football Saga:  The boys as set up two teams – the under 16 and under 12 called Start Art Foundation and under 16 are already FIRST in the league of ‘Mfuwe Youth Soccer Academy’. The series started in May and will end 31st August when the Start Art Foundation Football Club will play teams like The Young Bullets on the 16th Aug and the Banana Boys on the 30th.

“The footballs turned out to be a really wonderful thing. Mfuwe is quite a town now with all its temptations, but these kids spend all their free time practicing. They have a coach (a grade 11 chap) who loves soccer, watches every game on TV, and has obviously taught them well because of their FIRST PLACE in the league.”

The girls in the group have been using the balls for their netball matches.

  • The Pigozzi Collection Art Book, donated by Claire Chan to the kids:

“This was a big hit. Godbish took it off to show them and they sent a message back saying that they loved looking at it and learned so much. They were fascinated to see those pics of other African artists in their own environment.”


  • The presentation Ceremony for the Animal Mask payments for the StART kids Mfuwe at Josefe school:

“Godbish did the honours this time as the Head Teacher was at another function, although other teachers were present. Everyone was so happy and amazed. The K4,000 divided into the 54 kids at K74 each. Most of them went off immediately to buy school shoes while some were so happy to have the term fees that they owed. This has really helped the guardians and single mothers (there was one single father there) with school fees and shoes.”

  • Selection of kids for the Upcoming Art Workshop in August:

“The current workshop kids are a very coherent group and really proud of what they do. The 54-odd are exactly the same ones that started with the first workshops. Its a lot of kids I know, but they are adamant that this is who they are and they LOVE the art side of it. On the other hand as some grow up and go “into society” (as Godbish puts it) it leaves places for others who are keen on art. Also I think its well known that we are open to accept any particular individual with exceptional talent.”