03 Dec 2013

“Untamed” Exhibition

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The last exhibition of the year for The stART Foundation’s 37d Gallery was “Untamed”, featuring artists Mwamba Mulangala, Agnes Yombwe, Lawrence Yombwe, Vic Guhrs, Laurey Nevers and Pam Guhrs-Carr.

These six established local artists explored the theme of ‘Untamed’ in a range of styles and media:  from Laurey Nevers’ layered collages depicting the chaos that is always just below the surface, to Vic Guhrs’ exploration in oils of wildlife and the reckless selfishness with which we are destroying our planet… These artists came together to produce a wide range of works in which the ‘Untamed’ – wild, free, sensual, and boundless – was interrogated.

To view images of the artworks, have a look at our ‘Purchase Art’ and ‘Exhibited Art’ section of the website.