11 Feb 2013

The Litter Elephant

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What is it? A four meter high three meter wide elephant made out of chicken wire, reinforcement steel and recycled materials that will involve local children who live in and around Mfuwe in an activity to construct it.

Continuing with the stArt mask workshops recycling theme, we would mobilize all the children along the populated piece of road between Yosefe school and the BP station in Mfuwe town and put them into groups. Once the main chicken-wire structure is in place in the middle of the town In front of the shops and market we would have the kids’ workshops, attaching the pieces of plastic etc. on the outside of the structure. (Using fishing line and plastic threads from mealie meal bags, rather than tying wire that can be removed for snaring!)

Like the stArt mask workshops, Godbish and myself will have already selected some suitable garbage first, but the kids will be briefed to find ‘elephant body parts’; tusks, ears etc. and encouraged to go out and look for appropriate discarded materials to make up the elephant. We will use the best plastic on the outside then all the grotty rubbish can go inside.