28 May 2016

Stary Mwaba Solo Exhibition 2016

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After a year away in Berlin, completing his art residency at the KFW – Stiftung Residency, Stary Mwaba came back to Zambia to hold his first solo exhibition at 37d Gallery since his return.

The opening night of the exhibition was held on 26th May 2016, giving vistors the chance to see his new collection. The works in the exhibition showed Stary’s evolved style and how his time away influenced him to incorporate an urban, edge Berlin-esque nuance. The pieces included a range mixed media used from chitenge, acrylic and wire meshing, it was a truly innovative and interesting exhibition to see and great to have such a large turnout on the night. The exhibition will be hanging for a further 2 weeks at the gallery, open to the public on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. To arrange a visit please contact the curator, 0973006919 or curator@thestartfoundationtrust.org.

The exhibition was accompanied by a children’s workshop held by the artist Stary Mwaba a week previous. The works were hung in the children’s gallery area on the opening night. The children’s workshop focused on teaching different techniques using the materials Stary uses himself. This allowed the children to explore the use of different materials to broaden their knowledge and experience. The workshop taught the children how to incorporate these different materials along with techniques, and expand their imaginations on how to use them in inventive ways. Stary Mwaba bought some of his pieces along to show the children finished products of how the materials can look in certain combinations. Over the weekend the children worked all day to create their art works, the results were wonderful and shown on the night of the exhibition alongside Stary’s. It was great to see the children’s take on Stary’s style. Thank you to everyone for the support of the gallery and the children, and especially to the volunteers who gave their weekend up to help at the workshop.

It was great to see such a wonderful turnout and a successful night. The stART Foundation would like to thank all of those who supported the event and made it possible. Thank you, and a huge congratulations to the artist himself, Stary Mwaba for a marvellous exhibition.



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