23 Feb 2015

The Soly Cisse Project

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The European Union, The stART Foundation and Alliance Francaise have recently collaborated on a project inviting Soly Cisse, the renowned and highly reputable Senegalese artist, to Lusaka. The project was sponsored by Lafarge, Total and EU, and was a major feature of Alliance Francaise’s recent Francophonie Week.

Aimed at a continental interchange of cultural and artistic practices and ideas in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, the project was a major event for the Arts in Zambia.

The Project consisted of an exhibition of a body of artworks by the artist at 37d Gallery, as well as a two-day art workshop for a group of local artists. Consisting of a display of paintings, collages and cast-iron sculptures by the artist, the exhibition was greatly successful. Attended by an eclectic group of art lovers, connoisseurs and patrons, the artist’s work was received favourably and made for a dynamic discourse within the arts scene. The exhibition was opened on the 18th of March and remained on display for public viewing for a further three weeks.

Hugely successful was the art workshop, mentored by Cisse. Held at Alliance Francaise at the beginning of their Francophonie week, the workshop consisted of a group artists selected by stART – established artists were joined by emerging artists that have been top-selected by stART in recent Visual Artist Competitions. The artists were given a range of media with which to ‘play’ with, under the supervision of Cisse. From a slow beginning emerged works of incredible expression, free and vibrant, expressing the enthusiasm, spirit and energy that was to be found during the course of the workshop. The artists were able to watch Cisse in the act of creating an artwork, in order to get a feel for his wide use of materials and incredibly free style. The artwork has been donated to stART to raise funds for the children’s outreach programmes. Works produced by the artists in the workshop will be framed and mounted in stART’s Ongoing Exhibition at 37d Gallery.

About the Artist

Soly Cissé is a painter, draughtsman and sculptor distinguished by his tenacious and inflexible determination; he is already an established member of the contemporary art world. After graduating from the Fine Arts Academy of Dakar in 1996, his rapid progress has enabled him to travel across international borders, making his work – poetic yet wild, in search of freedom – known and appreciated. He has already achieved international recognition where he has held numerous exhibitions (in France and in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain…), but he has also made his presence felt on an international level, participating in highly prestigious exhibitions, in particular “Africa Remix” at the Centre Pompidou, dedicated to the adventure of a new generation of artists who represent Africa.

Thank You

stART would like to extend a warm thank you to our mutual promoters of the project, EU and Alliance Francaise; our sponsors, EU, Lafarge and Total; Senegalese Embassy, and Mr Dieng; Soly Cisse; and all those who have made the project possible.