11 Jul 2014

September Exhibition

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In preparation for September’s exhibition at 37d Gallery featuring Natasha Evans and David Makala, read up on their individual work process and themes. Enjoy!


3 (569x537)Natasha

For this exhibition I explore ‘light and dark’ as a central concept.  By juxtaposing elements of texture, light and shadow, clear edges and blurred lines, I return to discussions of balance and how proportions of ‘dark and light’, of hope and failings of human thought, can be identified in ourselves.

My work is very much about process and so my images evolve by being built up, taken apart, erased and painted over.  This allows for layers to go unseen or scars of previous marks to be visible. Abstracted images emerge with layers of texture, automatic drawing and painting, transparency and light.  The use of the color gold is suggestive as its symbolic qualities lend themselves to the idea of value and a division is made by contrasting luminous gold with black and white, of placing the polished with that which appears flawed and imperfect.  These visual contradictions are set to reflect ideas within the central theme.

I develop a body of painted works as well as light installations that include objects that metaphorically support the ideas being explored. Provoked by childhood recollection and by conscious or unconscious associations between images and words, here both darkness and light are equally at play.



IMG_9386 (640x427)David

David Makala’s focus for the upcoming exhibition in September will be a conceptual one:  exploring the theme of Metamorphosis using elements of Light and Texture.

David’s work process is a metamorphosis in itself – depicting the organic change his works go through from conception to completion. His surfaces are incredibly textural, combining acrylic paint applied in a ‘staining’ technique, often enhanced with found or discarded objects, usually mounted on a unique surface such as wire mesh. The textural element is ever present in David’s work.  It is his personal metaphor for one’s ever changing state of being;  with surfaces and patterns, design and the aesthetic which are all constantly evolving into something new, different and unknown.

David’s body of work will include both an installation of sculptural figures and textural paintings. The installation series will focus on the play of light and texture on forms in a state of metamorphosis.