29 May 2014

Roy’s Journey

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Roy’s love of art began at a young age. Coming from an impoverished background, Roy did not have easy access to art materials or know-how. He found what materials he could in order to grow his passion for making art.

Roy went onto the streets while in Grade 9 at Fountain of Hope in Kamwala. Peer pressure and the quest for easy money due to hard times attracted him to begging or stealing with his friends. Luck struck when in the same year, Roy was part of the visual arts group where Zambian artist Mwamba Mulangala was working with street kids at Lubuto Library Projects based at Fountain of Hope. This opportunity allowed Roy to get involved in visual arts practice where he found solace in drawing and painting, while eventually abandoning the street life.

Under the stArt Foundation workshops, he has participated in stART’s “Just Imagine” painting workshop in 2012, the Recycled Mask Workshop, the Chitenge Mandala Workshop and the Lusaka My City workshop. Roy recently successfully completed the stART Foundation’s Peer Education Program under the guidance of artists Vandita Varjangbhay and Mwamba Mulangala with instrumental artists such as Flinto Chandia, Lutanda Mwamba and David Makala. The Peer Education program was an extensive program that required participants to learn the tenants of applying and teaching visual arts in drawing, painting, recycling, and mixed media mural painting. Further, participants of this program were equipped with life skills through collaboration with the University of Zambia’s Department of Psychology.

Roy’s passion for art and his determination has allowed him to follow his dream. From the streets of Kamwata to Evelyn Hone College, Roy has pursued his ambition, where he hopes to complete a three year Art Teacher’s Diploma. Putting himself through each term using funds from his art sales and fundraising, Roy has not lost the determination to follow his course.

We believe in Roy’s potential – both as an artist and a mentor of art. Roy’s passion does not stop with his own art: he has followed his dream to be educated as a teacher of art in order to complete the cycle by giving back to his own community, to young people of his own beginnings, to help them see that art can build dreams.

THANK YOU to Estelle Trust for the generous sponsorship of Roy’s full tuition, 3 years, at Evelyn Hone College! We are so proud of you, Roy.