03 Dec 2013

Mfuwe kids receive a donation from stART

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Here is a story from Pam in Mfuwe about the kids receiving 2 footballs from stART as a token for their efforts on the Litter Elephant…..

“Hi all,

Just to tell you that kids loved their stART FOUndation footballs SO much that they single-handedly built an entire football pitch. And the girls made a netball pitch right next to it with the proviso that when the boys are not using the football pitch the girls will play on it…each gender has helped each other with the physical labour….(they seem to keep a careful reciprocal tally).

They wanted you to know how happy they are. And that, “this is what we will be doing when we
are not making art or schooling”. [The stART Logo on the balls is a huge hit too by the way]

This land that they have scored for the football pitch belongs to the ancient and ferocious John Zulu. Next to Godbish and on the tar. Whom NOBODY can get land off – even the chief has only managed a tiny bit to build his ‘lodge’. Herman of Wildlife Camp has been trying for ages to get a fixed answer out of John Zulu to build a garage workshop there with no luck.

So John Zulu is old and respected and he sits there with his “fresh wife” passing the time of day. These stART Foundation kids, went to John Zulu “on their knees” I am told, and asked for a piece of land as they wanted to start a football team. He was apparently delighted and granted them more land than ….well everyone put together. “Go and find a flat piece and tell me” (“Go forth unto the fields and hills”…probably he declared…) So when they did that and showed him
the bit, he was happy. “These are my old gardens and I am too old to plant them – I am not farming any more and i am happy for young people to use it and have a sport.” So they cleared and dug, and and hoed and cut out the roots and cut the creepers and borrowed my set squares and marked the lines and cut bush poles for the goal posts all within a few days of receiving the balls so that even the uncompromising and austere Godbish was fully impressed and astounded.

The opening match took place on Sunday. It was the StART team against some local kids team. The stART team won. Score 4-2. They go to the pitch every day after school.

Thanks stART for the footballs – I don’t think anyone can understand what a big huge hit this has been.”

…The footballs have now been totally worn out – thank you to Cilla who has donated a whole sackful more!!