31 Oct 2013

Peer Educator Programme

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The stART Foundation has designed a Peer Educator Programme for 6 talented individuals from our Art Workshops, who show demonstrable leadership qualities. These children will be educated in the fundamentals of Drawing, Colour & Paint, Murals & Printmaking, and Recycling. These four areas form the four phases of the programme. The programme will extend throughout 2013, to be completed in December.

At the end of each phase there is an Open Day where viewers come and see the progress made by the kids.

Achievement of the criteria in all four phases enables the kids to be qualified as Peer Educators.

A big thank you to The Diplomatic Spouses Association and Sir Nigel Farrow of  The Estelle Trust, for their very generous donations to the project; to the Swedish School, for allowing stART to hold the Programme at the school; and to Vandita Varjangbhay, Mwamba Mulangala and Lutanda Mwamba who will mentor the programme.