05 Oct 2015

The opening night of Soo Piercy’s Exhibition – 25th September

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The launch of Soo Piercy’s exhibition at 37d Gallery was a great success.

The exhibition was filled with works featuring Zambian Ceremonies such as the Ku-Omboka, Zanzibar and its architecture, to beautiful seascapes, waterlilies and more. Soo’s aim for the exhibition was to explore subjects such as the Zambian ceremonies and portray them through her loose, vibrant style of painting. Soo also touched on Islamic architecture, robes and culture, as during these times of anti-islamic feeling the artist wanted to portray another side – “the beautiful side too”. With all these wonderful artworks, it wasn’t long before pieces started getting snapped up.

The children’s art from the Lubuto Library workshop, taken by Laurey Nevers, was displayed on the night. It was a fantastic result for the children and showed a wonderful support for the young budding artists and to the charitable trust fund side of the stART Foundation. A very warm thank you to all those for supporting our children and the gallery.

To everyone who attended, thank you for coming and a special thank you to all those who helped make the exhibition possible: The Deli for spectacular catering and food, the waiters, 37d crew, the ‘sticker girls’, Torres security, the stART team and Gareth Bentley for photography.