01 Mar 2017

Natasha Evans Upcoming Solo Exhibition

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Natasha Evans Exhibition – ‘Scattered Belongings’ – March 2017

Natasha Evans will be holding a solo exhibition at 37d gallery this month. The exhibition will be opening near the end of March and will be on show at the gallery for two weeks. Upcoming news on dates and viewing opportunities will be revealed soon.

Natasha Evans spent her childhood living in Zambia. She completed her four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration graduating with a first class honours in 2005 from the Institute of Art and Design in England. Since then, Natasha returned to Zambia to pursue art framing and printing with her business Studio 78 in Lusaka. Over the last 8 years Natasha has taken part in group exhibitions, one previously held at the 37d Gallery with David Makala, two solo exhibitions, and her work has featured in both local and international gallery collections. Throughout these years Natasha has challenged herself and her role as an artist, in which she looks forward to holding her Solo Exhibition at 37d Gallery.

Natasha broadly describes her work as contemporary mixed media portraying illustrative and abstract elements. Within the work there is a common use of imagery, form, texture and collage combined with painting, gestural drawing and simple lines.

“I use processes that build up layers and depth and then allow for these layers to be taken apart, or buried”

With these unique techniques, Natasha creates both a fluid and complex narrative in her artworks. Words and written pieces are used to help to conjure visual pictures or align a more abstract thought process. Her childlike automated drawing technique encourages her to be less precious about the pieces and gives her unexpected opportunities without having to completely visualise the end results to her works.

This particular style and innovative way of working is what we love about Natasha as an artist. We are very excited to be holding this exhibition and can’t think of a better way to start off the year!

If you would like to get in contact about the exhibition and find out any further details of the opening times and days to the public, then please contact the curator.

curator@thestartfoundationtrust.org  or  +260 973006919



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