09 Dec 2014

Mfuwe Bottle Top Workshop

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Here is the report on the Mfuwe Bottle Top Workshop held in August this year, sent by Pam Guhrs-Carr, workshop co-ordinator :



Godbish came to my office every day on his bike to go through the mails with me regarding the workshops. I kept him in the loop completely and we made the decisions about materials needs – and he worked out quantities etc. Once the decision was made to use bottle tops he began to prep the kids.

30th – 31st July 3 hours each day after school = TOTAL 6 hours (14.00h – 17.00h) they arrived at Godbish house – he spent that time explaining the kind of tops, (eg one asked if a Vaseline top would do), clarifying the material, making sure they understand.
1st Aug – Friday afternoon 3 hours 14 – 17.00h – collecting and showing examples. For instance the whole group of 54 arriving at the bar needed an explanation from Godbish who accompanied them.
–2nd Aug 09.00h – 12.00 3 hours Saturday morning – discussing and practicing various templates and shapes of the bottle tops.

4th August -5th Aug 14.00h – 17.00h 3 hours distributing papers, supervising drawings and selecting the results with the children.
08t h- Aug 14 – 17.00h 3 hours Matching the colours and tones of the bottle tops that they have collected with the drawings they had done.

9th August. FIRST WORKSHOP – 07.00h – 18.00h 11 hours! With a quick 30 min break for refreshments. This was at Godbish Village and the work they did there constituted the first workshop
11th Friday August SECOND WORKSHOP. 08.00h – 14.00h 6 hours Putting the drawings on the board. This was at Kapani then they began to attach the bottle tops so I moved them to Godbish Village to finish because of the noise.
THIRD WORKSHOP 12Aug 07.00 – 18.00h (11 hours again) attaching tops to the boards
13 AUG FOURTH WORKSHOP Attaching tops to the boards.
FIFTH WORKSHOP 14 Aug 07.00h – 18.00h (11 hours) Painting backgrounds. Creating studs.


METHODS: The workshop venue was divided between Godbish’s village and my studio area Kapani. Noisy hammering of bottle tops had to be done at Godbish because of the Kapani guests.

Although the tying wire is very excitedly appreciated and we hope to be able to use it next time if possible, but for 4 workshops there just was not enough time to make 4 holes in each top. Not for want of enthusiasm I must add, as this group are eager enough and will dedicate huge amounts of extra time doing labour intensive art works if necessary.

So small one inch nails were used and then we used a grinder at the back to turn them into studs. They were at Godbish’s venue when this decision was finally made to make the studs out of nails. I wasnt there at the time, and an extra 40 kwacha was needed for nails. The kids unanimously asked if they would forgo their biscuits for the next day and if Godbish please could spend that money on nails instead. They had drinks and a bun each anyway the next day. During the time the boards were at Godbish’s, they were arriving at 07.00h and only left at 18.00h so keen were they to make progress.