21 Oct 2014

Metamorphosis Exhibition

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The stART Foundation recently hosted an exhibition for two local artists, David Makala & Natasha Evans, at 37d Gallery on the 26th of September. Each artist produced a body of works based on the theme ‘Metamorphosis.’

David’s work process is a metamorphosis in itself – depicting the organic change his works go through from conception to completion. His surfaces combine acrylic paint applied in a ‘staining’ technique, often enhanced with embedded objects, and mounted on a textured surface. The textural element is ever present in David’s work. It is his personal metaphor for one’s ever changing state of being; with surfaces and patterns, design and the aesthetic which are all constantly evolving into something new, different and unknown.

Natasha Evans explored ‘light and dark’ as a central concept by juxtaposing elements of texture, light and shadow, clear edges and blurred lines. She returns to discussions of balance and how proportions of ‘dark and light’, of hope and failings of human thought, can be identified in ourselves.
Her work is very much about process and so her images evolve by being built up, taken apart, erased and painted over. The use of the colour gold is suggestive as its symbolic quality lends itself to the idea of value, luminosity and contrast.

Both artists included light installations in their body of work.

To read up on art critic Andrew Mulenga’s preview of the exhibition, please visit: