19 Jun 2013

‘Lusaka My City’ Workshop

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‘Lusaka My City’ was The stART Foundation’s second workshop this year, with 25 young artists selected from our previous workshops based on their talent and ability. The participants came from several organisations and schools around Lusaka. This was a painting workshop, led by Lutanda Mwamba and Vandita Varjangbhay, who are both Zambian artists. The young artists designed and formulated their own concept and interpretation of the theme ‘Lusaka My City’, which they then painted onto a 35 x 35cm board. They were encouraged to use imaginative colours for the everyday realities that they depicted. As such, the completed artworks showed an interesting view of the city from many differing perspectives. For example, the harsh realities of Emmanuel Chisuntu, an ex-street child, become alive as he paints the street which he knows so well, on which he lived and begged; to the illustrious teenage insight of what is needed in the city to transform it into something better – in the case of Joseph Kumwenda, this was depicted in his architectural designing of a better road system. The participants really applied themselves to the theme and concept behind each of their paintings, being guided in the skills needed to pull off their vision by Lutanda and Vandita. A great effort all around, thank you to everyone involved!