31 Mar 2014

Graduation Ceremony for our Peer Educators

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Last week Friday, stART held a graduation ceremony for our Peer Educators to mark their achievement. Roula Lostrom and her committee in Australia very generously sponsored a lunch for our peer educator’s at the top-class Rhapsody’s in Lusaka.

The peer educators were accompanied by Michele Watkins from Pestalozzi, as well as the three UNZA students who mentored them in their last phase. Mwamba Mulangala and Vandita Varjangbhay who mentored the kids and put the programme together gave a few words to the peer educators, urging them to remember what they had learnt and put their achievements into good practice. Claire Chan and Cilla Frost-d’Elbee were there to give a few words from stART. The peer educators were awarded a certificate of merit as well as a K500 donation each, generously given to them by Claire Chan in honour of their hard work.

It was a festive lunch and the peer educators were in high spirits at their completion of the programme. This lunch marked the end of the first programme; a big thank you to all involved but most of all to Mwamba and Vandita for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm at seeing the students through. Well done Peer Educators!