15 Jun 2015

“Extraordinary” Photographic Exhibition & Book Launch

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The launch of the “Extraordinary” project by Gareth Bentley & Johan Rahm at 37d Gallery was a great success. On the night, the gallery was filled with beautiful music, wonderful food and fantastic entertainment, creating a unique atmosphere and ambiance that complimented the exhibition.

Gareth and Johan’s aim for the exhibition was to capture and celebrate the lives of different, passionate and inspiring people living in Zambia. The personal stories uncovered, included many people who are not well known to most Zambians and the variety ensures the project is a wonderful source of pride and inspiration for the next generation of Zambians in all walks of life. We were very lucky to have many of the subjects attend the launch which made it a very special occasion.

The Extraordinary book was also launched on the night, going hand in hand with the exhibition. It contains beautifully written stories on each subject giving greater insight into each person and their lives. Ultimately the collaboration of photographer Gareth Bentley and writer Johan Rahm was an extraordinary effort that resulted in the beautiful book and a wonderful exhibition.

The children’s creative work from the Mfuwe workshop was also displayed on the night. With over 70% of these pieces sold, it was a fantastic result for the children and showed wonderful support for these young budding artists and the charitable trust fund of the stART Foundation. A very warm thank you to all for supporting the gallery and our kids.

To everyone who attended, thank you for coming and a special thank you to all those who helped make the exhibition possible: The Deli for spectacular catering and food, R&G Events for the wonderful visual effects, Barefeet Theatre and their crew, Chell Illingworth the talented saxophonist, the waiters, 37d crew, the ‘sticker girls’, Torres security, the stART team, and the photographer Adam Ojdahl for capturing the whole night.