26 May 2017

David Makala – Rite of Passage

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In the month of May 2017, David Makala held his first Solo Exhibition at 37d Gallery, it opened on the evening of the 19th May, and was open to the public for a further two weeks. This exhibition was a career defining moment for the Zambian artist, it was an exhibition filled with over 50 pieces focusing around the title, Rite of Passage. This theme and topic the artist chose, explores the transgression and transition of cultural heritage in Africa. Through identifying the reed mat as an important element of where stories are born and passed on over generations, it is through the stories which transition the young into adulthood through ceremonial performances. David used this basis as his foundation to build upon the progress of the theme, which resulted in the final body of works on show at the gallery.

“Here they learn about life as a metaphor through the practice is masquerading themselves as they do the ceremonial performance of earning the rite of passage.’

David Makala

David’s exhibition was filled with unique material and versatile techniques. He navigates the fragile parallel of traditional ceremonies and his artistic interpretation throughout the exhibition. The opening evening of the show was a great success, with sculptures, canvas and mixed media on show, it made for a memorable exhibition. The evening would not have gone off with such a flare were it not for all the help from The stArt Foundation Trustees, volunteers and 37d Gallery staff. The effort and time put into these exhibitions for a non-profit gallery is dependent on the kind and generosity of these people who give their time volunteering for such occasions. The catering on the evening was provided by the wonderful The Deli, who create such beautiful food, it was the perfect match for the evening. Venatio waiters who provided once again their top professional service.

The photography on the evening was done by non other than Gareth Bentley, who yet again has beautifully captured the essence of the evening and we would like to thank him for volunteering his time and talent to The Start Foundation once again. You can see the his photographs on our Facebook page as well as our website, which give you a great insight into the exhibition of David Makala and his works.

David Makala held a children’s workshop with The stART Foundation several weeks before the opening of his exhibition. This workshop was held with children who were invited from Lubuto Library and Chikumbuso,mentored by David and held at 37d Gallery. The children’s final pieces were exhibited on the night in the children’s area of the gallery, with 100% of the money from the sales going to the children who created the artworks. Thank you to everyone who supported the children and The stArt Foundation on the night, and those who continuously support 37d Gallery in its endeavour to provide help to the disadvantaged children within Zambia. 




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