The stART Foundation’s mission is to promote appreciation for the Visual Arts in Zambia and to encourage and promote art-related activities such as exhibitions, art workshops, competitions and outreach projects to stimulate the imagination, confidence and resilience of young, disadvantaged Zambians.

Through the 37d Gallery, stART provides a dynamic and sustainable showcase for both emerging and established artists to exhibit and sell selected artworks to an ever-growing local and international market. Income generated from 37d Gallery commissions – together with donations from benefactors – fund the ‘Just Imagine!’ outreach projects. To achieve our vision, we are now seeking funding. Interested companies and/or organisations may confidently and effectively fulfill their obligations towards Social and Community responsibilities.

Here are our sponsorship options:

Emerald ZMK 55,000.00

Training & Placement Programme for up to 10 Peer Educators per annum. Aims to transform 10 candidates – orphans and street kids – into Peer Educators, helping them acquire mentoring skills and generate income for themselves. The programme was conceived by stART in response to demand from partnering orphanages and care centres whose charges participate in the ‘Just Imagine!’ workshops.

In return:  Branding – Credit & Logo on stART website, leaflets and calendars. Use of M&E report data & photographic material for Annual Reports, Promotional Material, etc.

Tourmaline ZMK 27,000.00

Professionally mounted and curated art exhibition at 37d Gallery.
Exhibits include selected artworks from the ‘Just Imagine!’ art workshops. Income from sales of the children’s art is paid directly to the children or their guardians which funds their schooling, accommodation and livelihood.

In return:  Branding – credit and Logo on stART website and exhibition material. Presence at art exhibition in brand material. Use of photographic material and report data for Annual reports, promotional material, etc.

Amethyst ZMK 14,000.00

Themed 3 day art workshop, facilitated by professional artists and teachers. These workshops are linked to awareness of important social and environmental issues.
In return:  Branding – credit and logo on stART website, use of M&E report data and photographic material for annual reports, promotional  material, etc.


All donations of any sum will be welcome and credited on our website.