16 Mar 2017

Children’s Workshop with Natasha Evans

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Another greatly successful children’s art workshop was held over a weekend from the 11-12th March, mentored by Natasha Evans in the garden of 37d Gallery.

The children were selected from Lubuto Library – Foundation of hope and Pestalozzi ranging from the ages of 9 – 18. These children were encouraged to experiment with a wide range of media, as Natasha took the children through a range of stages throughout the weekend. The children were encouraged to use loose lines, and set about drawing shapes from a series of coat hangers to capture the shape of the metal, and find what they can see in the spaces between them.

Another project moved onto the children standing and using long paintbrushes to draw from a distance. This gave the children the fluidity of what they were capturing, and the freedom to draw with an interpretive looseness. There were further stages and practices with charcoal, collage and pastel. These stages were to all build up the children’s own collection of works they would use to bring them all together at the end for their final piece.

Natasha encouraged the group to demonstrate a wide use of materials and styles in their works. As a demonstration, Natasha showed the group various painting techniques and how to use these in their collage works as well as bringing her pieces from her upcoming exhibition for the children to see and get inspiration from.

The success of the workshop was to be seen in the finished artworks, where the strong conceptualisation of what they had learnt from their understanding of Natasha’s mentoring was outstandingly evident. It provided for a beautiful children’s area in 37d Gallery, with walls filled with the children’s art.

A very big thank you to Natasha Evans, Roy Chitwila, David Sampwili, and Claire Chan for all the help and making the children’s workshop possible.





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