The Ongoing Exhibition, 2014

2014 will see a more concentrated focus on nurturing emerging and young artists that have exhibited at 37d Gallery. With a selection of some of their best works, 37d Gallery now has an outstanding collection on display. The Ongoing Exhibition will form more of a focal point in this year’s  exhibitions; excellent works by a.. read more →

Young Talent Competition, 2014

The stART Foundation will be holding a Young Talent Competition to seek and select emerging talent in Zambia. Anyone interested is encouraged to send a portfolio of their works to or to 37d, Middleway, Kabulonga. The use of any medium is allowed, and the deadline is the end of March. The work will be.. read more →

The Recycled Christmas Tree Project

This year, the stART Foundation has undertaken the idea to build a 10 metre high Christmas tree made from recycled bottles. Vandita Varjangbhay dreamt up the idea, and was solely responsible for the planning of the entire project. Artists on board were Flinto Chandia, who designed and built the steel structure onto which the bottles.. read more →

Mfuwe Animal Masks

The Mfuwe Workshop group has recently completed their latest project, the Animal Masks. These were exhibited in the “Untamed” exhibition last month. All proceeds are channeled back directly to the children who made them. Here is a write up from Pam about the project while it was still underway: “Preparation: 1. Godbish collected all the.. read more →

“Untamed” Exhibition

The last exhibition of the year for The stART Foundation’s 37d Gallery was “Untamed”, featuring artists Mwamba Mulangala, Agnes Yombwe, Lawrence Yombwe, Vic Guhrs, Laurey Nevers and Pam Guhrs-Carr. These six established local artists explored the theme of ‘Untamed’ in a range of styles and media:  from Laurey Nevers’ layered collages depicting the chaos that.. read more →

Mfuwe kids receive a donation from stART

Here is a story from Pam in Mfuwe about the kids receiving 2 footballs from stART as a token for their efforts on the Litter Elephant….. “Hi all, Just to tell you that kids loved their stART FOUndation footballs SO much that they single-handedly built an entire football pitch. And the girls made a netball.. read more →

Peer Educator Programme

The stART Foundation has designed a Peer Educator Programme for 6 talented individuals from our Art Workshops, who show demonstrable leadership qualities. These children will be educated in the fundamentals of Drawing, Colour & Paint, Murals & Printmaking, and Recycling. These four areas form the four phases of the programme. The programme will extend throughout.. read more →

Mfuwe Litter Elephant

                    Here is an update from Pam Guhrs-Carr about the Litter Elephant project: Every resident in Mfuwe encounters elephants on a daily or nocturnal basis. They cross the river out of the National Park at night to feed on the vegetation in the GMA and also.. read more →

‘Lusaka My City’ Exhibition

In honor of Lusaka’s 100th Anniversary in July this year, The stART Foundation’s 37d Gallery held an exhibition themed ‘Lusaka, My City.’ Over 30 artists participated, submitting works based on the theme and using a range of media. Mulenga Chafilwa was the featuring artist of the exhibition; well-known for his scenes of the everyday bustle.. read more →

David Makala donates 80% of sales to stART

The stART Foundation recently received 80% of David Makala’s sales from our ‘Lusaka My City’ exhibition in July. David’s sales of his triptych in the exhibition were donated to the stART fund for our children’s workshops. A very big thank you to David for his support and generosity, for allowing us to support the kids.. read more →