Ongoing Exhibition, 2015

Visit the Ongoing Exhibition at 37d Gallery, open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am -5pm. Featuring a diverse collection of artworks by local artists, the Ongoing Exhibition is a must-see for art lovers and enthusiasts. Call Mika on 097 300 6919 should you need further information. read more →

19 Feb 2015
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2015 EU Calendar

The EU has invited stART to collaborate on the production of a 2015 EU calendar, to feature and promote local artists, having selecting 12 artworks from 37d Gallery. Collaborating on this venture, stART aims to maintain intentions to promote local talent and support Zambian artists. Thank you to Gareth Bentley for the photography, Mohammed Osman.. read more →

09 Dec 2014
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Mfuwe Bottle Top Workshop

Here is the report on the Mfuwe Bottle Top Workshop held in August this year, sent by Pam Guhrs-Carr, workshop co-ordinator :   TOTAL 54 CHILDREN Godbish came to my office every day on his bike to go through the mails with me regarding the workshops. I kept him in the loop completely and we.. read more →

BongoHive and stART

More exciting collaborations between stART and other creative groups in Zambia for 2015! stART and Bongohive have put their heads together to think of ways to collaborate on projects fusing Art & Technology. An exciting new edge for the growth of stART. For more information on BongoHive please visit read more →

28 Nov 2014
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“Paper” Art Workshop, November

The ‘Paper’ workshop was the second in collaboration with Lubuto Library Project. The workshop curriculum was designed and mentored by Laurey Nevers, a successful collage artist in Zambia and art teacher at Baobab School. The assistant artist-mentor was the talented emerging artist Mapopa Manda who also uses collage technique in his artwork, using themes of.. read more →

Metamorphosis Exhibition

The stART Foundation recently hosted an exhibition for two local artists, David Makala & Natasha Evans, at 37d Gallery on the 26th of September. Each artist produced a body of works based on the theme ‘Metamorphosis.’ David’s work process is a metamorphosis in itself – depicting the organic change his works go through from conception.. read more →

Updates about Outreach Projects from Mfuwe

                Here are a few verbatim updates from Pam Guhrs-Carr, head of stART’s outreach projects in Mfuwe, about our group of kids from the Workshops:   Donation of stART Football (made by Alive and Kicking, Zambia and donated to stART by Cilla Frost-d’Elbee) “The results of Cilla’s football.. read more →

Poppy Appeal, 2014

A big thank you to the artists who have kindly donated an artwork to raise funds for Zambian war veterans and their widows in the Poppy Appeal drive. These works will be submitted to the judging committee of the project, who will then select the top artworks with the idea to turn these into posters… read more →

‘Kapanga’ Art Workshop

The Kapanga workshop was the first of the collaboration between The stART Foundation and Lubuto Library Projects. Situated at a Lubuto Library in Garden Compound, Lusaka, the workshop was designed by Zambian artist Mwamba Mulangala who instructed the workshop, assisted by one of stART’s Peer Educators Roy Chitwila, as well as Mulenga Chafilwa and Zenzele.. read more →

Featured Artist: Rabson Phiri

Born in 1982, Rabson Phiri’s characteristic artworks spring from his background in bicycle repairing. He received his training from the late Friday Tembo, one of Zambia’s most prominent sculptors, through an apprenticeship at his art studio Ulendo. Rabson worked with Friday Tembo as right-hand man from 1998 to 2004. After the death of Friday Tembo.. read more →

17 Jul 2014
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