Mfuwe Art Studio

The START Foundation has completed building a new art studio for our Mfuwe branch which hosts 110 START children.  The art studio is easily accessible from the airport road in Mfuwe and will be a secondary platform away from Lusaka for the stART children to showcase their artworks. The children’s workshops are an opportunity for the.. read more →

22 Jan 2019
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Make a Mark Exhibition

On Saturday 14th December the Make a Mark Exhibition took place, the first showcase in the new gallery. Isaac Kalambata / Jamil Cimino Phiri  /  Lazarina Matuta  /  Mwaba Chandia  Mwamba Chikwemba  /  Sana Ginwalla  /  Sebastian Moronell / Kirby Ngwenya / Aaron S Mulenga / Harry Vlachos The exhibition consisted of a group of.. read more →

10 Jan 2019
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The Opening 2018

In October we opened the doors of our new Gallery. The opening exhibition showcased a variety of all artists we house at 37d. It was a wonderful turn out on the night and we would like to thank those who have continuously supported us throughout the years with our Children’s stART Foundation and supporting the Zambian.. read more →

10 Nov 2018
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The new Art Gallery at 37d Middleway

This year 37d Gallery and the Start Foundation have been working towards the development of its new gallery in Lusaka. This Gallery, funded by Jagoda Gems for its Corporate Social Responsibility, will still be located at the same location of 37d Middleway Lusaka. The gallery will be relocating from the private house into this wonderful.. read more →

Patrick Bentley Photography Exhibition ‘Timeless’

Patrick is a professional Zambian photographer specialising in fine art black and white images of the natural world. Throughout his career he has consistently won awards for his work and has been exhibited in the National Geographic gallery, the Natural History Museum in London as well as the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Timeless is a.. read more →

Children’s Workshop 12th & 13th August 2017

Over the weekend, The stART Foundation held a workshop at 37d Gallery for the stART Children. The workshop was based on the upcoming exhibition ‘Timeless’ by Patrick Bentley which will be shown at 37d Gallery next month. Patrick’s exhibition will consist of wildlife photography in black and white which was the inspiration for the children.. read more →

Newsletter July 2017

Newsletter JULY 2017 At the gallery this year we have started off with two incredible exhibitions by the artists Natasha Evans & David Makala. Each holding their own first solo exhibitions on the walls of 37d Gallery. The stART Foundation has also had some incredible news, in which through all the funding and support of.. read more →

‘Scattered Belongings’ by Natasha Evans

On the 24th March, Natasha Evans opened her Solo Exhibition ‘Scattered Belongings’ to a wonderful reception and a very successful evening at 37d Gallery. The evening was one to remember, with the halls of the gallery filled with conversation and admiration for the collection, pieces flew off the wall and the children’s work from Natasha’s workshop.. read more →

Children’s Workshop with Natasha Evans

Another greatly successful children’s art workshop was held over a weekend from the 11-12th March, mentored by Natasha Evans in the garden of 37d Gallery. The children were selected from Lubuto Library – Foundation of hope and Pestalozzi ranging from the ages of 9 – 18. These children were encouraged to experiment with a wide range.. read more →

Natasha Evans Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Natasha Evans Exhibition – ‘Scattered Belongings’ – March 2017 Natasha Evans will be holding a solo exhibition at 37d gallery this month. The exhibition will be opening near the end of March and will be on show at the gallery for two weeks. Upcoming news on dates and viewing opportunities will be revealed soon. Natasha Evans spent her childhood.. read more →