28 Mar 2017

‘Scattered Belongings’ by Natasha Evans

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On the 24th March, Natasha Evans opened her Solo Exhibition ‘Scattered Belongings’ to a wonderful reception and a very successful evening at 37d Gallery. The evening was one to remember, with the halls of the gallery filled with conversation and admiration for the collection, pieces flew off the wall and the children’s work from Natasha’s workshop were all but sold on the evening!

Natasha’s collection was based on inspiration from a frequently portrayed sub-Saharan Arican market scene, otherwise known as Salaula to those local of Zambia, in which these markets predominantly trade in second hand imports. The collection was filled with elements put together in segments, much the same way Ntembas are constructed or as the clothing is grouped and bundled. Natasha’s artworks all had complex processes of stitching, layering, covering, discarding and retrieving as well as the reuse and recycling of materials, in a beautiful parallel to the topic of scattered belongings and concept of second hand items.

The exhibition included some wonderful hanging instillations which could be seen in the main hall. The hanging installations compromised of 88 wooden blocks, which represented the stalls, shelters and Ntembo’s which are found in Salaula. In which most of the materials used to create the instillation were collected from the disused shelters of waste piles.

Notions of waste versus value, gift versus commodity, identity versus sense of belonging were all at play during the process of creating these artworks” Natasha Evans

An auction took place on the evening of some of Natasha’s hand picked pieces. Money raised by 37d Gallery goes towards funding The stART Foundation in its endeavours to help Zambian children. This year the Foundaiotn is focusing on providing the upcoming artists with a Scholarship fund. This meant anything that was bid over the asking price, 100% of the proceeds went towards this chosen fund. In which the was a wonderful success, and we thank everyone who took part in it for such a great cause. Thank you

The evening would not have been what is was, if it were not for the time dedicated to putting on such an exhibition by the Trustees of the foundation, the catering from The Deli, the service of Venatio Waiters, and the Photography, which captured the night in its glory by Gareth Bentley, who puts so much time into the Foundation in so many ways. Thank you to everyone, and all those who helped on the night, with volunteering as sticker girls, and at the sales desk, the evening would not have managed if it were not for you.

The exhibition will be on show for a further two weeks at the gallery open to the public on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9am – 5pm.


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