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“Just Imagine” Children’s Art Workshop: What Makes Me Happy

In pursuit of the perception and understanding of happiness, between March/April 2012 stART distributed art materials to over 10 orphanages and palliative care clinics under the CIDRZ program in Zambia’s capital Lusaka and Mfuwe in Eastern Province.  The children participated in a painting competition under the theme “What Makes Me Happy”.  Over 200 entries were submitted. Guided by the selection committee composed of a panel of art educators, fifty of the best drawings and paintings were selected and the young artists were invited to attend a stART organized 2-day workshop. The objective of the workshop was to provide the children with an introduction to arts education and interact with other talented children under the guidance of four art educators.

As a final output of the workshop, each child created a painting putting to use the new techniques learnt. From this a selection of paintings were chosen and showcased at the ‘Ubwile Exhibition,’ in the children’s gallery . A space especially reserved for children’s art. Proceeds generated from the sale of these works go to the clinic / orphanage of which the children are a part to fund the purchase of art materials and further arts education initiatives.

Professional development program.

Zambia’s leading artists are provided with the opportunity for learning, dialogue and sharing with other local and regional professional artists.