stART exhibitions provide the opportunity for artistic development and high-level exposure for established and upcoming artists in Zambia. Gallery commissions sustain the stART trust fund which finances education and outreach programs aimed at fostering the arts among young, disadvantaged Zambians.

Past stART Exhibitions:


Metamorphosis Exhibition

The stART Foundation recently hosted an exhibition for two local artists, David Makala & Natasha Evans, at 37d Gallery on the 26th of September. Each artist produced a body of works based on the theme ‘Metamorphosis.’

David’s work process is a metamorphosis in itself – depicting the organic change his works go through from conception to completion. His surfaces combine acrylic paint applied in a ‘staining’ technique, often enhanced with embedded objects, and mounted on a textured surface. The textural element is ever present in David’s work. It is his personal metaphor for one’s ever changing state of being; with surfaces and patterns, design and the aesthetic which are all constantly evolving into something new, different and unknown.

Natasha Evans explored ‘light and dark’ as a central concept by juxtaposing elements of texture, light and shadow, clear edges and blurred lines. She returns to discussions of balance and how proportions of ‘dark and light’, of hope and failings of human thought, can be identified in ourselves.
Her work is very much about process and so her images evolve by being built up, taken apart, erased and painted over. The use of the colour gold is suggestive as its symbolic quality lends itself to the idea of value, luminosity and contrast.

Both artists included light installations in their body of work.


Ongoing Exhibition

The Ongoing Exhibition is 37d Gallery’s main exhibition of the year, in that it is a continual showcase of a collection of works by both established and emerging artists. Various artists from around Zambia have works in this exhibition, and the display is rotated continuously to include as many artists as possible. The collection of works itself is an evocation of the quality of art and talented artists in Zambia. The Ongoing Exhibition extended throughout last year in between the exhibition events, and will continue to do so in 2014. 37d Gallery is open for viewing on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 – 17:00hrs; should you not be able to make these days please contact Mika.

Untamed Exhibition

Artists that participated in the exhibition were all established Zambian artist. These artists are:  Mwamba Mulangala, Pam Guhrs-Carr, Agnes Yombwe, Lawrence Yombwe, Vic Guhrs, and Laurey Nevers.

The stART Foundation always tries to base the Art Workshops and Exhibitions around a theme which focuses on a particular social or environmental issue, which pertains to the values which we base ourselves upon. As our end-of-year art workshop was the building of a 10-metre high Christmas tree, made out of about 15,000 recycled bottles, the emphasis here being on recycling (the workshop and the event surrounding the product of the workshop is sponsored by Coke), we felt that the direction of the end-of-year exhibition should be environmentally-oriented too.

As a result of this thinking, we initially thought to have an exhibition of some of the best wildlife artists at the end of the year. However, this idea gradually changed and expanded into the theme of ‘Untamed’, which by its definition has a focus on the natural and on nature, but it is not contained in environment only. Looking at synonyms of the word ‘untamed’ one can see that the words ‘unconventional’, ‘uncontrolled’, ‘wild’ etc are also indicators of the meaning of ‘untamed’. This can take the theme of the exhibition into a new category, where what is depicted is more within the realm of the social. As such, ‘Untamed’ as interpreted by the chosen artists at their discretion, revealed a wide and interesting commentary on the social and environmental discourses within Zambia, as encompassed within the artist’s personal thinking and practice.


Lusaka My City Exhibition

The ‘Lusaka My City’ Exhibition was a particularly special occasion, as the exhibition was held in celebration of Lusaka’s 100th Anniversary. To honour Lusaka’s anniversary, stART decided to invite as many artists as possible to open their particular window onto the city of Lusaka, the result of which being that with over 30 participating artists, a diverse, colourful and vibrant interpretation of the city of Lusaka and the individual’s place in their city was evoked.

Mulenga Chafilwa was the featured artist of the exhibition. Chafilwa is well known for his energy-filled scenes of everyday life in Lusaka, with his particular brand of humour portrayed in the nuances of his paintings. Every inch of his paintings vibrate with the movement of the scene – a must-see for any art enthusiast.

The ‘Lusaka My City’ Workshop produced very imaginative and creative paintings by the children. These were displayed in their own section of the gallery, the Just Imagine! section, and were well-received by the exhibition attendees. About 85 percent of all paintings produced in the workshop were sold, which means good news for the kids, who will directly receive the money from payments!

A last minute decision to include sculptures by the renowned Flinto Chandia and Rabson Phiri added the extra edge to the exhibition. Flinto’s beautiful play on texture and form, using wood and stone, resulted in two magnificent sculptures; Rabson’s brilliant, ‘chunkier’ style, using scrap metals and found objects, created three very vibrant and exciting pieces, generating surreal characters from ‘waste’.

A warm thank you to all who attended, and all who helped to make the exhibition possible – The Deli, for outstanding catering and delicious food, the waiters and 37d crew, the ‘sticker girls’, Charmaine and Vandita, Torres security, the stART team, and of course the artists themselves!


“Movement-Momentum” Exhibition: Emerging Artists

The stART Foundation’s most recent exhibition, held on Friday 3rd May 2013 at 37d Gallery on the theme of “Movement & Momentum”, was an overwhelming success. The exhibition showcased original artworks of six young, dynamic, emerging artists in Zambia: Rabson Phiri, Mulenga Mulenga, Natasha Evans, David Makala, Emmanuel Chibaye and Tom Phiri. A wide range of media were used by the artists: from Rabson Phiri’s dynamic sculptures made from scrap metals and his surreal carved wood pieces; to Emmanuel Chibaye’s pen drawings depicting futuristic faces and figures in motion; to Natasha Evans’ mixed media prints depicting scenes of Lusaka and colourful abstracts; to Mulenga Mulenga’s paintings, rich in rhythm; to David Makala’s energy-filled paintings of scenes from everyday life, using an unusual staining technique; and lastly, to Tom Phiri’s range of bronze masks with “hair” made of bark and sisal and copper or steel wire.

Beyond the Mask Exhibition – 5th October 2012

Within the contemporary setting of 37d Gallery, photographer Francois d’Elbee merged imagination and ritual to create an original and collaborative collection of enigmatic artworks envisioned within the media of Photography. Francois used classic camerawork with innovative print technology to articulate a unique interpretation of a traditional art form:  The Chokwe Mask.

stART Beyond the Mask Exhibition

The Ubwile Exhibition – 3rd May 2012

Flinto Chandia began making sculptures at an early age – inspired by his mother, a traditional potter, and by his father’s carving of fishing canoes.  Today Flinto produces elegant stone and wood pieces which have found pride of place in various private collections as well as adorning homes and gardens around the world.  Flinto is indisputably Zambia’s foremost sculptor and amongst many other awards, is the proud holder of the President’s Insignia of Recognition of Zambia Award.  Exhibiting throughout Africa and as far afield as USA and Japan, stART is delighted that Flinto has created exclusive pieces for the UBWILE! Exhibition.

The catalyst for Stary Mwaba’s talent came while he was a peer educator nearly 14 years ago – expressing himself through illustrations during life’s difficulties.  Painting became a useful escape and outlet for his feelings and thoughts.  Introduced to the Visual Arts Council of Zambia and working with established artists Lutanda and Rockston, Stary found himself surrounded by artists and artworks which have been crucial to is somewhat ‘informal’ art education.  Stary has exhibited in many places across Africa and in the Caribbean and has received the Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award, National Arts Council Ngoma Award and has participated in international workshops in Europe and in USA.

The Ubwile Exhibition Invitation

The Spaces Between Exhibition – 9th December 2011

Pam Guhrs-Carr was raised in rural Zambia and her work is a fusion of traditional Africa, Ancient Rock Art and Contemporary Fine Art.  The Museum of Contemporary Art in Johannesburg chose her art to be exhibited at its opening in 2009.  Pam’s work has also been auctioned at Christies London and is represented in numerous national and international collections such as The Origins Art Museum, the Anglo-American Collection, Standard Bank Collection, Zambian National Collection and ABSA Bank Collection.

The Spaces Between Exhibition Invitation