2019 Gallery Calendar

2019 Gallery Calendar

All Year

New works are sourced throughout the year from both emerging & established artists for the Ongoing Exhibition. This exhibition is open for public viewing on Monday to Friday 9am -5pm and Saturday’s 10am – 3pm and open all year round. Come and view the diverse display of artworks within a range of media from both local and international artists at 37d. 

With our new gallery now up and running at full force, for the beginning of 2019 we had the remainder of the Make a Mark exhibition and now we are showcasing our Ongoing Exhibition with our first solo exhibition coming up in March.



One particular artist who showcased during the Make a Mark exhibition, will now be holding her first Solo Exhibition in March at 37d Gallery after the great response from her works that were displayed at the end of 2018.  

Mwamba is an up and coming Zambian artist, who’s style and technique of painting is self-taught. Her tendency to work on a large scale formats allows the incorporation of contrast and good composition in her works. She touches upon the subject matter of the female head wraps and their symbolism. Through a use of colour and medium, she uses these vibrant colours to speak volumes of the females vibrating power in society and their position. With her interpretation of the young woman’s position in society, it often creates a rather bold, energetic and dramatic image. 

“I constantly challenge myself in my painting and while I feel confident i the style that I now work in, I will keep introducing new ways and techniques of pushing this style forward and developing it even further”



Later in the year the renowned Zambian artist Stary Mwaba will be exhibiting at 37d Gallery with a phenomenal collection of artworks. Having finished his Masters in Cape Town, upon his return to Zambia he will be holding a Solo Exhibition, one not to miss of his new works and new achievements. We look forwards to what will be in store for this ever progressing artist and his display in May 2019. 

Later in the year…

As the year progresses, our calendar for exhibiting artists will be updated. There are both solo and joint exhibitions waiting in the pipe line to be announced, with new names as well as established names to coming to our walls. 

There will be a focus on the local Zambian artists as well as visiting artists from international scenes, adding to the variety of art work 37d Gallery likes to be able to bring to our clientele and public.