2017 Calendar

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Ongoing Exhibition
New works will be sourced from emerging & established artists for the Ongoing Exhibition, open for public viewing on Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am -5pm. Come and view a diverse display of artworks within a range of media.


Natasha Evans Solo Exhibition

Natasha Evans completed her BA Honours Degree in Illustration at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, England. Natasha’s work includes abstract as well as literal elements. She uses a mix of techniques and is inspired to make pieces that have an abstracted quality but have relatable elements be it pictorial or by using photography or text. She likes to combine drawing and painting skill with less used processes and techniques to create interesting texture and to add interest and question about creative processes and the different ways of making pictures. We are very excited to see what Natasha will be producing for this exhibition, dates are yet to be confirmed, but keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates.

Children’s Art workshop

The children’s workshop will take place at 37d Gallery over a weekend where the artist Natasha Evans, along with volunteers, will give their time to work with disadvantaged Zambian children in Lusaka. The workshop will be guided by Natasha Evans focusing on techniques and mixed media she focuses on in her own work, to help broaden the artistic knowledge of the children.

Finished artworks will be displayed at 37d Gallery for viewing by the public. All proceeds of the artwork sales go directly back to the children themselves.


David Makala Solo Exhibition

David Makala is an emerging artist in Zambia, working as a painter and sculptor. David is a member of the Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka and participates in the artist workshops and exhibition which are held there. David is a rising star in the artistic community in Zambia. He has a very unique and individual style, self-taught, with faint echoes of Klimt, in which he portrays the inner consciousness or dream state of his subjects. David also works as a volunteer for The stART Foundation’s Art Workshops and has contributed much of his time and experience to these. He is an invaluable helper of stART’s outreach activities, and has contributed much of his earnings to these. So it is with pleasure that we welcome David Makala to hold his first solo exhibition at 37d Gallery.

Children’s Art Workshop

As part of holding an exhibition at the gallery, David will also be mentoring a children’s workshop. This workshop will revolve around David teaching disadvantaged Zambia children which the stART Foundation works with and giving them a weekends worth of artistic practice, advise and learning new techniques. The workshop will take place at 37d Gallery, where it will be run by David, the curator and volunteers. We look forward to seeing what the children will create to hang in the children’s gallery area, which will be on show on  the night of the exhibition.

All proceeds of the artwork sales go directly back to the children themselves.


Patrick Bentley’s Photography Exhibition 

Patrick Bentley is a professional nature photographer from Zambia. He has focused on pursuing the unique with his photography by creating images using techniques and ideas with a fresh perspective. Patrick uses both infrared and aerial photography as well as a combination of both to achieve this. Growing up in one of the wildest and remote areas of the country, this set Patrick from a young age onto his passion of photography and the subjects he chooses.

“Working with wildlife and then later photography were a natural progression for me as they provided a way to continue living in the bush and to make a living doing what I love.” 

Later in 2017…

There will be further exhibitions towards the end of 2017, the artists and dates are yet to be decided but stay tuned to see who else will feature at 37d Gallery this year and hold an exhibition. We look forward to seeing what this year will bring.