2014 Calendar

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The stART Foundation will be holding their annual Visual Artist Competition from January, in order to seek out fresh talent among young Zambians. 37d Gallery will use this time to put a new collection together made up of works from both established and emerging artists for the Ongoing Exhibition.


The Ongoing Exhibition at 37d Gallery and a continuance of the Visual Artist Competition.


The graduation ceremony for our Peer Educators, having completed the programme at the end of last year. They will be awarded their certificates, and those that did not graduate will have a chance to re-do those modules in which they fell short. stART will take this time to establish a ‘next step’ of the peer educators who excelled, based on the ambitions of the young people in question.

The end of March is the deadline for entries for the Visual Artist Competition (extended until May)

The Ongoing Exhibition at 37d Gallery is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 – 17:00hrs.


An exhibition at Government House for Kenneth Kaunda’s 90th Birthday Celebrations. A selection of artworks from the Ongoing Exhibition will be on display.

Ongoing Exhibition still Ongoing! A new batch of works in from various artists – Victor Kalinosi, Gladys Kalichini, David Makala among others.

stART teams up with Lubuto Library Project on the Art Workshops for disadvantaged kids. The workshops will be held at Lubuto, already a centre for arts education and practice.


The deadline of the Visual Artist’s Competition has been extended until the end of May. Judging of the competition will commence from the first week of June. stART’s committee will be joined by a few Zambian artists – David Makala, Laurey Nevers, Vandita Varjanbhay, Mulenga Chafilwa among others –  to select the best six entries from the Visual Artist Competition. These six will have an opportunity to exhibit their best works at 37d Gallery as well as winning prize money.

Exhibition at Lilayi Lodge on the 31st of May for their Opera Dinner. A selection of works from the Ongoing Exhibition will be on display. The display will remain up for the Sunday Lunch at the Lodge.

‘Poppies for Peacekeepers’ – stART has been approached to select a number of Visual Artists and Graphic Designers to produce artworks in memory of Zambian war veterans and the role they play in keeping the peace internationally. 30 kids from 3 separate organisations will also be producing works – Lubuto, Pestalozzi and Chikumbuso. Sales from the artworks will go towards the Zambian Ex Servicemen’s League for veterans or their widows.

‘Roy’s Journey’ – from street child to artist. Follow the story of Roy’s journey to achieve his dream of becoming an artist and a teacher in art.


Art Workshop for disadvantaged children at the Lubuto Library in Garden Compound:  ‘Kapanga’ Workshop, 18th – 20th

stART will use June to find a sponsor for Roy’s tertiary education at Evelyn Hone College to become a teacher of Art.

Visual Artist Competition results to be announced! Winners will be listed on our social media sites. They will be encouraged to start putting together a portfolio of work for stART’s Ongoing Exhibition at 37d Gallery, as well as an exhibition in 2015 to showcase their talent.


Poppy Appeal works in progress. The best artworks to be narrowed down as a selection for display at the September Exhibition at 37d Gallery.

Works in progress:  Natasha Evans and David Makala.

Contacting organisations for disadvantaged children around Zambia to submit a batch of works to select the next 20 participants of the next Art Workshop.


Deadline for Poppy Appeal works.

Design of a workshop programme for artists in Zambia – artists can attend these workshops to be trained in various disciplines.

Mfuwe Art Workshop, “Bottle Top Workshop”, led by Pam Guhrs-Carr and Godwin ‘Godbish’ Bishedi


Exhibition at 37d Gallery for David Makala and Natasha Evans: 26th September as the opening night for invited guests only. The exhibition will remain on display for 2 weeks for public viewing.

Works from the Poppy Appeal to be displayed in the gallery too.


Art workshop at Lubuto Library – date TBD


Exhibition of works by Senegalise artist Soly Cisse at 37d Gallery in collaboration with EU and Alliance Francaise *** postponed until 2015

Art workshop mentored by Soly at the Alliance Francaise for local artists. **postponed until 2015


Ongoing Exhibition Christmas Special – open from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, until the 19th December.

Wrapping up of the year with lots of plans for 2015!  Happy Christmas